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Reasons why the Babysense 7 is the Best Baby Breathing Movement Monitor

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As I sit here holding my beautiful blessing in my arms, a moment I have dreamed of and pictured in my mind a thousand times, it finally dawns on me that I am a mother. I am responsible for this tiny human being; responsible for nurturing, loving, guiding and keeping her safe.

I worry about everything – how much she weighs, how much she eats, how much she poops, how well she sleeps (is she dreaming, is she breathing) and so much more.

I have bought every known gadget but my best purchases by far are my Babysense video monitors and the Babysense 7 breathing movement monitor, which can also be found across our range of video baby monitors and baby breathing monitors.

These purchases offer me the peace of mind I was looking for and help me sleep peacefully at night knowing my little angle is safe.

How do you monitor a breathing baby you may ask? Babysense solved that for us when they developed the world’s first non-touch breathing movement monitor. This monitor is the best and certainly a must have for any parent. The installation is really simple - you place the sensor pads under the mattress of the crib, connect them to the control unit which can conveniently be placed on the base of the crib and you’re all set. The Babysense 7 Breathing Movement Monitor measures the gentle movement of your baby’s breathing movements. If any unnatural slowing of breathing movements happens or if your baby stops breathing the monitor will alert you by setting off an alarm.

As the #1 rated Breathing Monitor and the brand of choice in top European, Japanese and Israeli hospitals and used in over 1 million homes, Babysense is proven to provide maximum monitoring accuracy.

Do you need the monitor? If you ask me without a doubt, but I’ll share what other parents/caregivers have experienced and just why you need the Babysense 7 Breathing Movement Monitor in 2021.

“Must have!! I would never go without this product. We have a six month old son and used this product first in his play yard (where he slept the first two months) with one pad. It is now used with two pads in his crib. This product works EXACTLY as it is supposed to work and provides us comfort at night knowing baby's movement and breathing is monitored. I think we'd have been up a million times during the first few months checking on baby if it weren't for this product. I highly recommend this product more than anything else we bought for our newborn. It isn't cheap by any means but honestly I'd label it as priceless.....”
Eric Craig

I’m sure just like me, keeping your baby safe is your top priority, and it is important for me that in addition to my baby not having blankets or toys in her crib that she need not wear any clip-on devices, socks or vests to measure her breathing movements. I rest easier at night knowing that my baby’s breathing movements are being monitored.

Unbelievable technology & amazing service: First of all the service team is so thoughtful and helpful when you reach out and I appreciate that tremendously. Second, the fact that this is a product that doesn't touch the baby and still is so accurate in monitoring breathing, it is amazing. You can actually see the breathing rate with the glow of the green light on the device which is really nice. Highly recommended and better/more convenient than others I've seen on the market.” 

“Simple installation: I always thought these were great for overprotective and nervous parents, neither of which i consider myself. but i was speaking with a friend who's an ER pediatrician in prague and he highly recommended this. he said, as a first-time parent, you don't know how important it is to get sleep when the baby is sleeping. this thing give you peace of mind to relax and actually sleep when your little one decides to sleep. it's easy to set up and works like a dream. we're using it on a pack-n-play now, and you need to put the sensor on one of the ribs of the pack-n-play to be sure it's in direct contact with the sensor, but once you do that, it's done.” Prague Geoff

No matter where my baby’s favorite spot is on the mattress, she is always monitored – full crib coverage is easy with the two supplied sensor pads.

“Absolutely the best baby movement/apnea monitor on the market. As a nurse and first time mom, I have been very anxious about SIDS. Despite that it’s rare, I can’t imagine being among the small number to experience it. We coslept with our daughter for the first six months and used the Snuza which worked great. However, once we put her in her crib, and she was able to roll over, the snuza was no longer helpful. The baby’s positioning greatly affects your ability to hear the Snuza, especially from a distance/over a monitor. However, the Babysense does not have that issue. I sleep so well knowing my girl is safe. Even once she is a year, I will likely keep the babysense in place. At that time, she is likely to try to climb out of her crib, and the babysense would just as easily alert me of that. Buy this product! You will not regret it!”
“Despite our best efforts, our daughter is a tummy sleeper. On two occasions, the movement monitors went off. We rushed into her room to find her sound asleep holding her breath. When we moved her, she let out a huge gasp and went back to sleep. We'll never know if she would have done that on her own, and I'm glad we won't have to.”

They say you should sleep when your baby sleeps, which is easier said than done. My Babysense 7 Breathing Movement Monitor has made it easier and less stressful. It is a must have monitor that is totally safe and emits no radiation of any kind that may harm your baby. The millions of other users agree with me that there is only one choice when it comes to true peace of mind and unparalleled stability and safety.