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25 Baby Monitor Reviews: Why Parents Love Babysense

Baby monitors make peace of mind possible for parents today. Modern video baby monitors and breathing monitors have awarded parents freedom that past generations could never dream of. But, with hundreds of options on the market, what features make a baby monitor the best? Well, baby monitor reviews are a great place to find out.

By sifting through baby monitor reviews, you can learn first-hand about the product. Verified Buyers are honest about their experience, so when you see trends emerge and many people talking of the same great features, you can trust them. Plus, you may even discover benefits you never even considered!

Babysense has been a trusted industry leader since 1991 and protects millions of babies worldwide. Our quality is backed with decades of experience and better yet, countless reviews online.

If you look at the hundreds of testimonials on our site, you can see why so many parents trust Babysense for their newborns. Here are 25 baby monitor reviews that highlight some top features and prove why parents love Babysense.

Easy to Setup and Use

Choosing a video or breathing movement baby monitor that is easy to use is essential. A simple setup is necessary so you can get started right away. You’re juggling enough as a new parent, you don’t need a complicated system! Some reviews discuss the ease of interconnectivity and how simple it is to use the monitor. Others add how the set-up was a breeze, like these:

“This camera was not only easy to set up but has all of the functionality that you would need for a baby monitor. It is extremely user-friendly.”
- Daniella A.

“Very easy set-up with no issues. Works throughout a 3000 sq/ft home.”
- Alex J.

“It arrived quickly and was packaged well. We set it up and made sure everything paired correctly. The instructions were easy to follow and the camera works great, I’m already feeling better about having another item checked off of my “before baby #2 arrives” checklist!”
- Noel A.

“Easy to assemble and use! We are beyond excited to use it once our newborn arrives in a couple of weeks. The functions provide way more than other baby monitors on the market. Thanks for a great product!”
- Bralen A.

 Clear, High-Quality Video

The best video baby monitors must have the best video! Clear, seamless footage is often noted about Babysense monitors, plus its quality daytime and nighttime modes. Zooming, panning, and split screens are other added bonuses, as you’ll see from these testimonials:

“We love how large the monitor screen is and that you can pan back and forth to view the whole room when littles sneak out of bed. Love the talking feature.”
- Corey R.

“The split screens are great to see both my toddler in one room and my infant in another! It has a great screen and love that you get almost a full view of the entire room!”
- Lauren C.

“We bought this as a second camera for our baby sense monitor and have loved it! The image quality is great in the daytime and nighttime mode. It's nice to be able to switch between two cameras and see multiple rooms.”
- Brandan G.

“It works very well for my purposes! The infrared camera is good quality— I can see my little one clearly even though the room is nearly pitch black.”
- Jennifer G.

Parents Feel Peace of Mind

Having a newborn is endless work, especially from 0-3 months. However, the following baby monitor reviews show how Babysense has given parents newfound freedom. The long-range and distance capabilities allow parents to enjoy flexible mobility while staying connected. No need to disrupt your infant in their crib sleeping. You can simply check the live video to monitor your baby's position and other developments. 

“This has saved so much time for me. I’m no longer wondering if the baby is crying. No longer having to run upstairs to check. I bring the monitor into the bathroom so I can shower.”
- Lana N.

“Clear pictures for day and night! Love the zoom-in feature and the two-way talk. Monitor has a decent range. We are able to go into our backyard and still get good signals!”
- Ashlea V.

“Great Product for the baby .... love being able to be present while being able to do other things around home.”
- Timothy T.

“The bundle pack is great when two hands don't seem to be enough. I can cook and get things done around the house without taking eyes and ears off of the baby. The melodies, the night light. I'm loving you right now Babysense, because nothing else makes sense.”
- Gary J.

“It is very helpful to have this monitor, it gives you peace of mind to check if your baby is ok while doing other tasks.” - Nathalie O.

“We decided to get an additional camera for another room, and it's one of the best decisions ever! It makes it more convenient and gives us more peace of mind.”
- Crystal G.

Wifi-Free System Provides Security

An important benefit of Babysense Video Monitors is their safe, hack-free technology. Since they do not connect to WiFi or the Internet, the monitors are for your eyes only. These reviews pay tribute to this unique security feature:

“...It also does not require WiFi to work. If my WiFi were to go out or become disconnected, with many other monitors, it would render them useless and my baby would not be protected.”
- Brittney C.

“I love how BabySense lets you connect several cameras to one monitor. I also opted for this system as I did not want a WiFi system. I wanted a secure way to monitor my babies. I also like the lullabies that you can play through the cameras. This one is a keeper.”
- Danielle P.

“Sound and night vision are very good. Being able to move the camera is awesome and it’s dead silent when adjusting the angle and zoom. Also, a nice feature to not be a WiFi monitor for added security. All in all a great product.”
- Neeko S.

More Unique Benefits

Babysense systems offer more than the features previously listed. Some unique benefits gathered from reviews include a room thermometer to easily check if your child’s room is too hot or cold. As your baby begins moving more, like from 4-6 months, sound sensors are another added bonus. There’s even a lullaby feature to soothe crying newborns from a distance! 

Here are a few more reviews explaining a few unique benefits of our products and Babysense as a company:

“And the temp reading in the room makes sure the baby is warm or cool enough and you can turn on a lullaby to soothe them back to sleep, so they don’t see mom or dad thus making it that much harder to go back to sleep.”
- Chris D.

“Love the color and sturdiness of the product. The inside is easy to clean, which is always appreciated! Although it's a baby product, I could see many other uses throughout the house and may purchase one for me! Priced right, too.”
- Julie W.

“Like the other reviews have stated, Babysense has amazing customer service! I am now a loyal customer because of it.”
- Ashley M.

“The monitor goes everywhere in the house with me. Also, baby sense has impeccable customer service. They are kind, timely with reply’s, and easy to make contact with. Love, love, love this brand all around!”
- Mindy A.

“This has amazing night vision and telescoping so you can see anywhere in their room. And you can scan at night so you will be able to hear kids in either room. I also love that you can add more cameras. The company seems super helpful as well!”
- Leslie S.

“So far it is the best! The picture quality is clear, the battery life of the parent unit is great and I love that I can have a camera in each kid’s room. The cameras also do a remote full range tilt and swivel.”
- Kristine M.

“And the temp reading in the room makes sure the baby is warm or cool enough and you can turn on a lullaby to soothe them back to sleep, so they don’t see mom or dad thus making it that much harder to go back to sleep.”
- Chris D.

“We bought this monitor so we could keep an eye on our toddler transitioning to a toddler bed from the crib. The picture is very clear and we love being able to move the camera view using the parent unit so we can look around the whole room when she is out of bed. The night vision is also very clear so we can tell what our toddler is doing at night.”
- Brandan G.

Reviews Prove the Best Baby Monitor Features

Many parents couldn’t imagine raising a child without a video baby monitor. Babysense systems not only serve as extra eyes and ears, but they can even help you witness your baby’s first milestones. These tiny yet powerful monitors and cameras keep babies safe and parents happy. From reading reviews like this, you can decide what features make the best baby monitor!