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How long should you use a baby monitor for?

Not sure when you should stop using a baby monitor? Our guide talks you through the ideal length on how long you should use a baby monitor for
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Do You Need A Baby Monitor For Your Child?

Some parents are unsure if they need a baby monitor, we’ve put together a complete guide to help decide if you need a baby monitor for your child.
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Night Terrors In Toddlers: Symptoms And How To Help

Night terrors in toddlers can be a scary thing but we’ve put together a complete guide to help your little one sleep easy.
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11 Fun Ways To Tell Your Parents You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy is an exciting and happy time for many parents-to-be. One of the most exciting things about being pregnant is sharing the news about your growing family with the people you love most! It is such a surreal feeling when you and your partner share the big baby news with your parents. Your pregnancy is a major life change – and not just for you. Your parents may feel almost as excited as you do about your growing family. Telling your parents that you are pregnant is a very special occasion and will be one of the most exciting reveals. Not only have your parents been looking forward to this moment, but their reactions are typically emotional – and epic. Becoming a grandparent is a beautiful time in a parent’s life and you’ll want to make this special moment even more memorable for both you and them by creating a fun way to announce your big news to them!  If you’re looking for fun ways to reveal your pregnancy to your parents, rest assured, you’ve come to the right place. From sonograms to onesies, having an interactive announcement will get your loved ones even more excited about your pregnancy news. So for all the sons and daughters promoting their parents to grandparents, we’ve got you covered! Check out 11 of our best pregnancy announcement ideas. But be ready, and keep the tissues close – because we promise that once your parents see these they will be flooded with emotions! Scratch-off lottery tickets Everyone’s a winner with this pregnancy announcement scratcher for your parents! Surprise them by giving them a lottery ticket, with an unexpected prize! These cards are a great and fun way to tell parents you’re pregnant. This unique scratcher will amuse your mom and dad while you reveal the big news! If you can get their reaction on video, even better! You can get these cute cards on Amazon, which they’ll be able to frame as a forever keepsake. Wrap-up a gift for them to open  Handing your parents a gift to open, when it isn’t their birthday or anniversary, will raise their suspicions. Nicely wrap up a baby onesie or frame one of your ultrasound pictures from an appointment and watch your parents’ faces as they learn the big news! You can even custom-make a baby onesie that says ‘Hello Grandma and Grandpa, See You Soon’ which is a super cute and fun way to tell them that a little one is on the way! You can also use a baby onesie to take memorable photographs with your partner and your family that you’ll remember forever. Fun wine bottle labels Soon-to-be moms won’t be able to partake, but you can still share the exciting news with your parents and surprise them with their favorite bottle of wine! Customize the label to say ‘The Best Parents Just Got Promoted to Grandparents’ and watch as your parents put the pieces together. These wine bottles are a hit for many pregnancy reveal moments, which are especially great after a family get-together or around the holidays. Tears of joy guaranteed! Wear a pregnancy reveal T-shirt Wearing a pregnancy announcement T-shirt shares your announcement loud and clear. Wear a shirt that says ‘expecting’ and wait until one of your parents takes a long enough look to get the message! You can also give the soon-to-be grandparents a T-shirt with the news while capturing memorable photos of them absorbing what the shirt says. “We’re Having a Baby” cake topper  Your news is sweet, so why not make the way you deliver it sweet as well? You can put a “We’re Having a Baby” cake topper on a cake or cookies you decorate to tell your parents they’re becoming grandparents! Bring out the dessert after a family dinner. It will be the ultimate sweet announcement! Music to their ears Record your baby’s heartbeat and play it for your parents to surprise them with the big news. There are so many different options on how to go about this reveal, from a simple phone recording taken during your doctor appointment to a stuffed animal with a heartbeat or even a bracelet with your baby’s heartbeat sound waves. Whichever way you go about this, we can guarantee tears of joy! Customize a puzzle  A puzzle is a unique pregnancy announcement idea. Your parents will start getting the message piece by piece as they assemble the puzzle. You can design a custom puzzle to be anywhere from five to thousands of pieces, only you know which your parents will appreciate. Make sure you have a camera ready once the puzzle is complete! Attach a note to a pacifier Wrap up a pacifier and attach a note from your future baby. The note can say something along the lines of ‘Dear grandma and grandpa please keep this here for me in case I need it when I come to visit!’ This is a cute and practical pregnancy reveal, as now you have an extra pacifier on hand! This is also a great idea that you can send in the mail if you’re far away. It’s up to you what to include and what to write on the note, but know your parents will forever cherish it. Pregnancy announcement coupon  A coupon is a fun and easy way to share your pregnancy news with your parents. All you need to do is print a coupon that says ‘Coupon Good for One Grandchild’. This pregnancy announcement is one you’re going to want your camera ready for so that you can catch your parents’ ‘ah-ha’ moment! Play baby charades  Charades is an all-time game night classic. It’s a great game for family get-togethers, so play a round of charades with the grandparents-to-be to reveal your big news! There are many funny pregnancy announcements out there, but this couple playing with their parents might be the best one yet! This is sure to be a game of charades your family will never forget!  And the one we’ve all been waiting for… Made in quarantine pregnancy announcement  The joke was made countless times when lockdown began: There’s going to be a baby boom by the end of the year. Well, for those who did get pregnant during quarantine, you should take advantage of these priceless announcements! Here are a few hilarious and cute ‘we’re expecting’ announcements for babies made during the COVID-19 pandemic: ‘Will be coming out of Quarantine on…’ ‘Product of quarantine & chill’ ‘My parents didn’t practice social distancing’ You can surprise your parents with the best, most heartwarming news in times were good news is few and far between. Wow! That’s a lot of information and many ideas to choose from. It’s no surprise that announcing your pregnancy to your loved ones can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Hopefully, these gave you some fun and creative ways to give your parents the surprise of a lifetime when you announce your pregnancy. As memorable and special sharing your pregnancy with your family will be, remember, this is only the beginning of your journey and the best is yet to come. As your pregnancy progresses, we recommend doing a week-by-week pregnancy blog or write a journal to reflect on all these fun and exciting moments you are experiencing. Being pregnant is a real-life miracle, and once you give birth you’ll want to have a blog or journal you to help you remember your beautiful pregnancy journey. Ideas for your blog/journal: Record the fun way you told your parents you’re pregnant Write a letter to your baby when you find out the gender What it feels like becoming a mom for the first time What if feels like becoming a dad for the first time  If you’re interested in starting a blog to record your pregnancy and would like more information, take a look at these topnotch blogs that provide insight, humor, and perspective on everything you’ve ever wondered about pregnancy – and even some things you never even thought to consider. If you’re interested in reading how 11 real couples shared their pregnancy news with their families, you can find their sweet and heartwarming stories here. You can use their stories to get more inspired by the beautiful ways in which these couples shared their pregnancy with their parents. Whichever way you choose to announce your baby news to your parents, it’s your very own special way of saying, “You’re going to become grandparents!”  We hope you’ve found a fun pregnancy announcement idea that suits you and your parents’ style, and you’ve been inspired to create your own special pregnancy announcement. We’d love to see which announcement you decide on! Please share pictures of your pregnancy announcement and gender reveals on our Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to check out our baby breathing monitors, must-haves to help your transition home with baby the best it can be.
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10 Reasons You Need a Baby Video Monitor

You can’t put a price tag on the sheer calmness of mind when your baby is sleeping. As parents, we strive to do everything we can to ensure the safety of our children. Parenting a newborn comes with a lot of stress, and having a top-notch baby monitor can help put you at ease. A baby monitor is an essential tool for the well-being of your child. It provides your baby with necessary security, and you the comfort, and peace of mind. Video baby monitors have become the preferred choice by most parents, because of added on-screen information and its functionality, it benefits parents in numerous ways.  Babysense is always committed to helping you make safe choices for your family. Having a baby is an exciting time for any new family. Your newest addition can also come with new worries and concerns. You’ll probably start feeling like you want more eyes (and ears) on your baby to see that they are safe and secure at every moment.  A baby monitor should add value to your life, and when you find the right one you will be thankful for it. Check out these top ten important reasons why you need a baby video monitor.  Live video of your baby A baby video monitor is an extraordinary safety tool for your baby’s nursery. Without it, parents wouldn’t be able to keep an eye on their baby and his/her movements without being physically present. Having a live video feed is an added source of peace of mind and confidence that gives parents the sense of being able to be in “two places at once.” Rather than frequently going to the nursery to make sure your baby’s okay, a video monitor allows parents to match both sound and sight together to know they’re okay just by looking at the monitor screen.  For the ultimate peace of mind, parents opt for a bundle pack including a video and movement/breathing monitor - like Babysense’s 2in1 Bundle Pack - which provides that extra level of security new parents need.  Having cameras in your baby’s room lets you know exactly what’s going on in real-time, while motion sensors provide the reassurance we sometimes need as parents.  Ensures extra safety and security  Babysense is considered a vital measure of protection for your baby, and because we know how important it is to be able to watch your child and track their movement, we’ve created the most reliable motion and breathing monitors out there. For instance, Babysense 7 provides two highly sensitive sensor pads that go under the crib mattress and detect even the slightest movement, like breathing.  If your baby’s movement stops for longer than 20 seconds, or if breath rates decrease to less than 10 breaths per minute, a red LED light will shine and an alarm will sound immediately. Sensor pads continue to be the preferred method to monitor the baby’s movement, as opposed to wearable monitors, which tend to cause false alarms as it’ relies on a stationary baby. As your baby becomes mobile, there’s a chance of the wearable monitor falling off or moving around. For this reason, sensor pads have fewer false alarms as they are secure in place under the mattress.  Much needed sleep for parents  A video monitor comes with the freedom to sleep more without having to constantly keep an eye on the baby. Parents to newborns know that a good night’s sleep is as rare as it is invaluable, and with extra of it, they’ll feel replenished and ready to conquer the day. It is crucial that you, as parents, get enough sleep. You want to be the best version of yourself for your baby, and that requires you to be well-rested. A video monitor stops parents from getting up in the middle of the night to check on their baby, or even to check on their crying baby, as they can watch from their monitor if their baby will fall back asleep on their own.   Now, if you’re a deep sleeper, a baby video monitor is just what you need to ensure you hear and see all your baby’s sounds from the comfort of your bed, most likely with one eye cracked open.  Your alone time  As much as you love your baby and want to be with them around the clock, sometimes that’s just not possible. What happens when your baby falls asleep and you want some alone time? Not to mention, you most likely have other duties to tend to around the house or at work, and having your baby by your side makes these tasks almost impossible to complete. It’s nice to have a baby video monitor you can count on to provide a live feed, wherever you might be in the house. Whether they’re playing or sleeping, having a reliable picture of what’s going on while you take care of business is a great convenience.  Grows with baby  A baby video monitor has more capabilities than just watching your sleeping baby. As your child grows, you can use your monitor for different purposes. Whether it be giving your child alone time or transitioning them to a bigger bed, you’ll be able to use your monitor system to watch them from a distance.  Most modern video monitors have a two-way talk feature, which acts as a walkie talkie. If your child is being too loud or for any other reason you may want to contact them, you can easily do so via this function.  Babysense’s 2in1 video and movement monitor is a jack of all trades with features that you can use as your needs change when your child grows and develops. The monitor itself offers all sorts of amazing features like two-way talk, a pan-tilt-zoom HD camera, night vision, and a long-range - all of which are super helpful for when your baby turns into a toddler and you rely on the baby video monitor for different things. Checking on baby’s position  With a video monitor, you’ll be able to see if your baby is standing, sitting, or laying down without having to enter the nursery. Some parents believe in self-soothing, so being able to watch as your baby soothes himself back to sleep without parent intervention can be very beneficial.  As your baby grows, they learn to pull themselves up and sit up, which means they’ll experience their fair share of falling. Parents can prevent these common injuries by monitoring them and being able to know immediately if an injury did occur. Tracks baby’s sleep  Keeping track of naps, nighttime sleep, and in-betweens can help construct a consistent sleep schedule. Since most, if not all, babies wake up during the night, baby video monitors can certainly help let you watch your baby in between sleep cycles and to see if they’ll fall back asleep on their own, or if they may need something from you. Most importantly, if your child is self-soothing and falling back asleep, then the video monitor can help prevent you from walking into the room and disrupting your baby’s normal sleep cycle.  With an audio baby monitor, parents won’t know if they’re baby is tossing and turning and restless. With a video monitor, you’ll be able to see if your baby is just restless or needs to be held. Doctors advise that babies between the ages of 1 and 3 require 12 to 14 hours of sleep every day, while babies under the age of 1 need even more sleep. A video monitor is essential in making sure your baby is well-rested and has a normal sleep cycle. This allows parents to follow the baby’s sleeping patterns and make sure they’re getting enough sleep, and if not, they can detect the reason behind it and consult with their doctor for a solution.   Less stress and greater peace of mind Raising a child can undoubtedly be quite stressful. Most parents feel a certain level of anxiety when they can’t see or hear their baby.  A video monitor can help reduce the stress associated with being apart from your baby by showing you everything you need in one glance. Another advantage of a baby video monitor is being able to use it as a nanny cam. This helps give you peace of mind by allowing you to keep a close eye on your child and their caretaker when you’re away. Babysense’s video monitor allows you to check-in remotely to see that your baby is safe and your household is running smoothly.  Monitors temperature  Why is it important to monitor the climate in your baby’s room? Young children and babies are particularly sensitive to changes in temperature. Babysense’s video monitors include a temperature sensor that shows the rooms’ temperature on-screen. This feature gives parents the power to control the nursery’s climate, and make sure the thermostat is functioning properly. Parents attest to this feature being critical in making sure your baby isn’t overheating and is comfortable while asleep.  Night vision  Day or night, you expect your video monitor to relay a crystal clear view of your baby. Babysense’s sharp infrared night vision automatically detects dim light and allows you to keep an eye on baby all night. This feature helps you have a better night’s sleep, as you won’t have to turn on the lights or get out of bed to know what baby is up to.  Babysense is here for you Your baby video monitor isn’t just for the cute baby footage, but for the remarkable features that come with it. It’s a simple way to help you, and your baby, feel comfortable day and night. You may not be able to have eyes on your baby at every moment of the day, but with a Babysense video monitor, you can feel like you do. Babysense’s commitment is to support parents in our communities to feel at ease when bringing their babies home. We are determined to help keep every baby safe at home, as we know this is every parent’s top priority. If you’re interested in learning about our different products or to purchase  Babysense offers our 2in1 Bundle Pack, click here.
27 Most Asked Baby Monitor Questions on Google - Babysense-UK
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27 Most Asked Baby Monitor Questions on Google

Baby monitors are one of the first gadgets an expecting parent purchases. Many of the baby monitors available today provide parents with an incredible amount of information in real-time about their little one. These devices have evolved over-time and have become smart and unique with the wide array of extra features each monitor may offer.  Baby monitors truly do suit the need of every type of family - whether you’re a frequent traveler or busy at home, a reliable baby monitor can help make your days and nights easier. When you’re shopping for a baby monitor you’ll need to consider each feature and decide what’s important to your family. We’ve conducted substantial research and spoken to thousands of parents like you in hopes to make your decision a little bit easier. Here in this article, you’ll find all the answers to the most asked questions about baby monitors. 1. Why is it important to monitor baby’s movement? The best baby movement monitors will have the highest level of accuracy and sensitivity. Baby breathing monitors, such as Babysense 7, use highly accurate sensors to track your baby’s movement while they’re asleep and alert you to any irregularities in breathing or movement. Because long breathing pauses are associated with sleep apnea and SIDS, many owners share with us that their baby movement monitor have been literally life-saving.  Many parents attribute their peace of mind to movement monitors because they’re confident in the monitor’s ability to wake them up if any problem is detected. These monitors sound an alarm if the baby may be in danger, which classifies movement monitors as an essential in-home baby device. As a bonus, Babysense is also a provider of medical devices in over 3000 hospitals across 20+ countries, using this same technology to enhance the abilities of infant medical care providers. 2. Why should I buy a baby monitor? When it comes to baby products, sometimes parents get stuck on the question: “Do I need this?”. However, most parents will tell you that a baby monitor is a necessity when bringing your baby home. The best part is that most baby monitors will grow with your child. Here are the three top reasons to buy a baby monitor: Convenient reassurance - the obvious comfort of a baby monitor is the ability to hear and/or see your baby without having to physically be there. A quick check on your monitor provides all the reassurance parents need to sleep well,  without risking waking your baby. Sleep training - if you’re planning on sleep training -   your future self will thank you for having a baby monitor handy. As your baby grows into a toddler their sleeping habits dramatically change. With an accessible monitor, you will be able to interpret the reason for your child’s cries and fussiness without having to be in the room. You also may witness some very cute activities and self-soothing that may not happen while you are physically present. Monitoring older children - As your baby becomes more independent, you’ll still be able to watch them as they play alone or even to monitor them as you transition them from a crib to their first big-kid bed. 3. Where should I put my baby monitor? When installing your baby monitor, find a place in the nursery that is at least 3 feet away from the crib, while still being positioned well enough to give you a clear view of your baby. Test the microphone on the baby unit to make sure it is picking up sounds from your child.  The best places to put a baby monitor are:  Wall-mounted on a corner near the ceiling - this location gives the camera wide coverage of the nursery and is placed high enough to be out of reach. This location is best for baby monitors that have a remote pan, tilt, and zoom feature. On a high shelf - if mounting the camera to the wall isn’t an option, prop the monitor on a high shelf or on a few boxes to get a good viewing angle. This location is best if your baby monitor doesn’t have a pan, tilt, and zoom feature because you will be able to manually adjust it to get the best crib view. 4. Where can I buy a baby monitor? Baby monitors are sold in stores and online. Parents have access to many different monitors that vary in price, technology, size, and more. When deciding which baby monitor is best for your family, you should take into account the features that are important to you, such as movement monitoring, screen size, video quality, and others.  A baby monitor that is easy to install and use should be high on your list of what to expect from a monitor system. If you want to be extra diligent in your research, you can compare and contrast Babysense’s monitors here.  5. How do baby monitors work? There are three types of baby monitors: analog, digital, and wireless networks. Analog baby monitor - analog radio waves transmit the sounds of the baby to the receiver or parents unit. Analog signals are considered safe to be near your baby because they are lower frequency signals. Digital baby monitor - a digital connection also transmits and receives the audio/video but has a microprocessor embedded in the monitor to ensure that the only nursery sounds you hear are your own.  Wireless networks - a wifi-based monitor transmits to the nearest wifi router instead of to a receiver. A wifi connected baby monitor is the newest technology, however, it is solely dependent on wifi - which isn’t always reliable.  6. Can baby monitors be hacked? The majority of baby monitors don’t get hacked. That said, baby monitors that use a wifi connection have significant security flaws that make it easier for hackers to take over the monitor system. As with any internet-connected device, the chances of a hack are never zero. Privacy and security concerns hold paramount importance at Babysense, which is why we recommend avoiding wifi-based baby monitors and opt for a hack-free baby monitor. All our monitors are encrypted and have a closed-circuit - meaning hackers would need military-grade technology, be in the same room with the monitor, and still may not be able to hack into our signal.  We keep hackers at bay by reconfiguring their internal system to block incoming frequencies by using a 2.4 GHz frequencies connection. Baby monitors using 2.4 GHz frequency as opposed to wifi are considered to be the most secure and hack-proof due to a more encrypted signal. 7. Which baby monitors are protected against hackers? The good news is, because of the rise in concern regarding your privacy, baby monitor manufacturers are implementing stricter safeguards on video monitor software and programming. It is vital to find a baby monitor that has these safeguards in place. Hackers look for compromised digital devices that use a wifi network. At Babysense, we follow a strict privacy policy to protect our users against hackers. As we continue to follow these guidelines, our system remains a secure and hack-free device your family can feel safe using. Please refer to our privacy policy to learn more about our software. 8. What makes a baby monitor safe? The safety of a baby monitor is dependent on a few factors: location, wiring, and connection. While you may want to keep a monitor as close as possible to the crib, it’s safer to keep the monitor more than three feet away, especially when your baby learns to grab everything in sight. It’s important to also make sure all power cords and wiring are completely out of reach to avoid danger. To stay connected to your baby, remember to stay within the monitor’s range. A monitor that uses encrypted digital technology helps reduce interference and keeps all video and sound transmission clear and secure. 9. What makes a baby monitor good? The best baby monitors come down to important and practical features that will make them all the much easier to use. However, the right baby monitor is relative to what features are important to you. Below we look at some baby monitor features that offer outstanding convenience for parents. From a pure image standpoint, a good baby monitor will have great night vision, motorized pan-tilt-zoom capabilities, and high-resolution screens. Screen size and audio output can make all the difference between an okay and great baby monitor. Having the option to monitor your baby’s movement is an added feature that provides parents with extra peace of mind. 10. What should you look for when buying a baby monitor? If you find yourself overwhelmed by what might feel like infinite choices and ask yourself, “what baby monitor should I buy?” consider the following:  When a parent purchases a baby monitor, they expect to benefit from the peace of mind, security, and safety that come with it. Does your baby sleep in the same room as you at night, or in a room farther away? Do you make frequent visits to their room at night and worry about their comfort and sleeping habits? Answering these questions can help you decide what type of monitor you will benefit from. 11. Are baby monitors bad? Baby monitors are not bad. They allow parents to monitor the baby's safety while simultaneously providing peace of mind. However, if used incorrectly, they can pose a danger. A big concern is the placement of the baby monitor in the nursery and making sure that cords are completely out of reach.  Because the health and safety of your baby are paramount, it is important that you carefully follow the instructions and guidelines provided in your baby monitor’s user manual. 12. Can baby monitors record? Baby monitors give parents live audio and video feeds of the baby’s room. Not all baby monitors record video, but newer technology does allow parents to record and send video from their baby monitor as well as record sound using voice commands. The camera’s feed either stores in the cloud or in an SD card. 13. Do baby monitors work on a cruise ship? If you’re considering taking your Babysense monitor on a cruise, you’re in luck! Our monitors work in any environment just as long as they can be plugged in. You can set up your monitor just as you would at home, and enjoy your vacation with an extra sense of relaxation.  If your monitor relies on a wifi connection, you should know that even if wifi is offered it can be spotty and unreliable. Consider the range of your digital monitor to know if you will have a signal on different levels on the ship. 14. Do baby monitors need wifi to work? No. Most digital and audio baby monitors can work without wifi. Not all baby monitors require wifi to transmit visual or audio signals from the camera to the parent unit. There are baby monitors that work solely on wireless networks, however, the safety and security of these monitors are often questioned because of their ability to hack broadband connections and cloud storage systems. If you’re interested to see a list of the top non-wifi baby monitors, check out this blog post regarding the safest monitors for your home.  15. Do baby monitors have radiation? Because the health and safety of our children are the most important thing, it’s key to discuss the correlation between baby monitors and radiation. Most baby monitors use DECT or FHSS technologies that operate on frequencies ranging from 1.89GHz to 2.4GHz, the same electromagnetic frequencies that wifi routers use. However, few monitors have no radiation because they don’t require a signal. Babysense 7 is a revolutionary baby monitor that is safe in every sense of the word. This movement monitor ensures your child’s safety as they sleep by using under-the-mattress sensor pads while simultaneously emitting zero radiation, as it does not require a signal to function.  What can we do to protect our children from unnecessary radiation? Keep baby monitors at a safe distance from the crib, turn the system off when you’re not using it, and make sure the monitor you use is no more than 2.4GHz. 16. Can baby monitors interfere with wifi? Most video baby monitors that cause interference are wifi-connected. Because these monitors rely solely on an internet connection, there is no guarantee you will always have a clear video feed. Many factors play a role in determining if your monitor will experience interference at any given time, such as how many people are connected to the same network, which in turn yields a slower video monitor feed and heightens your chances of interference.  The solution is finding a baby monitor that relies on its internal network, not on outside devices. The Babysense Bundle Pack includes an interference-free video monitor feed that guarantees you will always have a crystal clear view of your baby, day or night. 17. Which baby monitors work with Alexa? New to the baby monitor market is voice-controlled monitors that work with Amazon’s Alexa. These smart monitors require a wifi connection and work via an app that uses your phone or tablet as the parent device. These smart monitors cost more than other video monitors and have mixed feedback regarding how effective voice control is. Many parents have also reported that the voice control feature sounded nice at the time of purchase, but was rarely used and deemed unimportant in choosing a baby video monitor. 18. Can baby monitors pick up orbs? Have you ever noticed orbs floating around on your video monitor? There are admittedly lots of reports of parents seeing orbs in their baby’s nursery, enough to make this one of the most asked questions on Google. We aren’t paranormal experts, but who knows! 19. Can baby monitors work without wifi? Yes. Because of security concerns surrounding wifi-enabled cameras, a popular choice amongst parents is baby monitors that don’t connect to the internet. Babysense’s video baby monitor is a top choice and was rated as the best non-wifi baby monitor of 2020. 20. Which baby monitors are the best? There are so many baby monitors on the market with a variety of features for parents to choose from. The best baby monitor is relative to your budget, and what features are important to you. Yet, some makes and models go above and beyond with monitor features and movement sensors that alert you instantly if no motion is detected. These features differentiate between good and better baby monitors. 21. What baby monitors connect to iPhone? For a monitor to be able to connect to your iPhone it must be wifi-based. We’ve previously discussed the privacy concerns associated with internet-connected baby monitors, and as appealing as it may be to have your monitor connect to your iPhone, it might not be the best decision. Like everything in life, there are pros and cons, however we think the cons of an internet connection outweigh the pros on this one. 22. What baby monitors have an app? A baby monitor app can convert your smartphone or tablet to a baby monitor. Many baby monitors now offer users a free app to use, in addition to their receiver. Most baby monitor apps provide the same features you find on the parent unit but in a portable, on the go solution. Again, the appeal to these features is there, but we advise you to be aware of the app’s security and privacy fine print.  23. Are baby monitors safe? Baby monitors are safe, but it’s our job as parents to go the extra mile and do the research so that we can make good child safety decisions. Two concerns come to mind when you think about baby monitor safety: radiation and hackers.There’s been no proven link between exposure to baby monitor frequencies and adverse health effects. However, we still advise you to make sure there is at least a three feet distance between the monitor system and your child for extra safety measures. Reports of hacked baby monitors are out there, but the more we research this issue, the more we find that it is solely wifi-based monitors that are getting hacked. For your family’s protection, it's advised to find a monitor that guarantees a hack-free connection, as we do for all our products. 24. Are baby monitors essential? According to many parents, here are the most important reasons for purchasing a baby monitor: peace of mind and safety, sleep, monitoring movement (especially important for newborns), and space and time. The key thing to remember about baby monitors is they are there to help you. They notify you if your attention is required, giving you the freedom to proceed with daily life. 25. Are baby monitors secure? Making sure our baby monitors are secured is of utmost importance - which is why finding a hack-free baby monitor should be at the top of your list.  Babysense’s V65 baby monitor guarantees a hack-free, secure interference connection. 26. Are baby monitors dangerous? Keeping our children safe may feel like an overwhelming sense of responsibility, however, we can greatly reduce any dangers a baby monitor may pose by being diligent, reading, and following installation directions in our user manual. Babysense is committed to helping you make safe choices for yourself, your home, and your family. All of our baby monitoring products have been thoroughly tested and extensively reviewed to give you peace of mind while your baby snoozes. We hope we’ve answered all your burning questions regarding baby video and movement monitors. By following these important steps you’ll be creating a safe sleep environment, which will keep your child happy, healthy, and comfortable and put you at ease knowing your child is secure.

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