Creating a memory journal of what your child had to say

Creating a memory journal of what your child had to say

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It’s true what they say, in the blink of an eye your precious babies are all grown up and making their own paths through life. It all happens so quickly; it literally makes your head spin. As parents we start the worrying and the memory creating from the moment we find out we are expecting – from monthly check-ups and monitoring in utero to the monitoring of their breathing movements, check out our baby breathing monitors.

As a parent or caregiver a baby monitor gives you peace of mind and assurance about the safety and well-being of your littles ones, as it allows you to keep an eye on them whilst still giving you the opportunity to attend to other things. With this little magical device, you can easily watch them snoozing, playing in their crib and/or even listen to them murmur as they put themselves back to sleep (which is pretty adorable and amazing too). It is also a great “spying” tool that helps you capture all the little things they do and say, which is fantastic material for your memory journal.

Our kids heads are filled with thoughts, ideas, notions and words that they are just dying to share with us and they are an exploration of life, entertaining, at times boring and more often than not have us rolling on the floor in hysterics (and sometimes I mean literally rolling on the floor).

Through your Babysense V65 HD Baby Monitor Camera you will be able to start capturing, these not to be missed moments, early on and document them while still fresh in your memory.

The benefit of using a video monitor instead of an audio monitor is that not only will you be able to hear the laughter bouncing off the walls, but with the Babysense V65 high resolution 5 “ LCD you’ll see the smile that lights up the room too. The crystal-clear HD picture quality will help you see in vivid detail what was happening when your little one uttered their words of wisdom.
Not only can you watch and listen whilst your little one is playing and freely speaking their minds, but you can communicate with them through the Two-Way talk function and see their reactions when they hear you through the camera. This a great tool to enjoy real time two-way communication and is a fun way to set the stage for your little one to express themselves without feeling like they are being watched (even though they really are).

With the option of using 2 cameras you can either listen in and monitor 2 rooms or if you prefer place the 2 cameras in 1 room capturing 2 different angles. It is best to place the cameras on a flat surface e.g. on the top of a chest of drawers/changing table or mount them in the corner on the wall using the provided wall mounting kit. Please ensure that any excess cord is secured and is not visible or reachable.

The secure 2.4GHz technology used, together with the fact that the V65 does not require WiFi or the internet to work, gives you extra security knowing you are the only one watching and talking to your kids and capturing these precious moments.

The memory book that the use of the Babysense V65 Baby Video Monitor helps you create is not only a book of milestones but rather the small, everyday things that happen that you do not want to forget. You can write down specific stories, events and the funny or seemingly simple things they say, as well as letters to your children as to how you are feeling, what they mean to you and what you wish for them – it may seem a little silly now but when your kids are older and they read them they’ll see how much they are loved and how much you cherished every moment, from the milestones to the simple every day happenings.

Even if your kids are a little older it is never too late to start recording special and funny memories for them. You do not need a fancy book to start, just some paper or a small book and pen – that is it! This is not a journal just for the sake of a journal but an opportunity to write to your kids from the heart and tell them the full story of their life. The standard baby books are wonderful and I would encourage you to keep one of those, as well, as they record the major events and milestones, but this memory journal will fill in the blanks and provide the details of the full story – the beautiful moments, the funny moments, the inappropriate moments, the overwhelming moments and the emotional moments.

Capturing what you hear and see through your Babysense Baby Video Monitor (in regular view or in Zoom view, so as not to miss their adorable facial expressions) is a chance to create a treasure that both you and your kids will love looking through.