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10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Baby Monitor from Birth

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Baby monitors are more popular than ever – and it's easy to see why. Technological advancements have drastically improved their capabilities, turning them into a must-have item for every nursery.

You might have heard you don't need a baby monitor until your child is a few months old, but that's not necessarily the best advice. Baby monitors are helpful right away, and more and more parents set them up before the baby is even born.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should use a baby monitor from birth.

1. They Give You Freedom Around the House

A baby monitor allows you to keep an eye on your little one from anywhere in your home. You can fold laundry, wash dishes, or take care of other daily chores.

Modern video monitors have handheld receivers that are easy to carry around and place on the sink, coffee table, and practically anywhere else. It's also common for baby monitors to broadcast directly to your smartphone.

2. They Keep Your Baby Undisturbed

Most newborns are light sleepers. Even the act of opening the bedroom door and stepping across the room can make enough noise to wake them. With a baby monitor, you can watch your baby without making a sound.

By keeping the door closed when your baby's asleep, you have more control over the room's temperature and light levels.

3. They Can Monitor the Baby's Room Temperature

Temperature monitoring is a relatively new feature found in many baby monitors. A sensor provides a real-time reading of the baby's room temperature, allowing you to quickly assess if your little one is too hot or cold.

4. They Allow for Two-Way Communication

The traditional type of baby monitor only transmits sound from the baby's room to the receiver, but modern monitors do much more. You can find many monitors that allow you to talk through the receiver to your baby.

If your baby is acting fussy, hearing your voice could help soothe them back to sleep. Plus, because you don't have to walk into the room, you don't have to worry about disrupting the baby with light or noise.

5. They Allow You to View Your Baby's Facial Expressions

Video monitors have large, clear displays that allow you to see your baby's facial expressions, even in low-light. As parents know, little ones are often very expressive. When you can see their facial cues, you'll have an easier time knowing whether or not you should enter the room to soothe them.

Also, video baby monitors allow visitors to see your baby even if they're sleeping. It's a great option if any unexpected company drops by.

6. They Allow You to Watch Your Baby from Anywhere

Many monitors allow you to view the footage on your computer or smartphone so that you can watch your little one from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Of course, you can never leave your baby alone at home, even briefly. However, the ability to watch from afar is an excellent way for a parent to feel connected while at work or away on a trip. You can also give the login information to relatives, such as aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

7. They Help with Sleep Training

Starting around the age of three months, kids will develop the ability to sleep through the night. During this sleep training period, they can easily learn how to manipulate parents by crying when they want attention, not because they're tired.

With a baby monitor, you'll have an easier time understanding why they're crying, so you can decide whether to let them cry it out or if you should enter the room. Often, if the child is crying because they're tired, you don't want to go in and cuddle them because it might cause them to wake up more.    

8. They Allow You to Monitor the Room

Aside from letting you watch your baby, a monitor also provides a view of the room. You can spot any potential hazards that might develop, such as an electrical fire or a leak in the roof.

You can also watch any caretakers, such as a nanny or babysitter. A video monitor helps you make sure they're providing proper care. (You might also want to set up a hidden nanny cam if you're hiring someone you don't know very well.)

9. They Track Health Information

Baby breathing monitors can measure various vital signs, such as the baby's heart rate and breathing. They can alert you to any potential health issues.

Keep in mind not every abnormality indicates a problem. Check with your doctor for what types of readings require immediate attention.

10. They Provide Peace of Mind

Finally, baby monitors provide peace of mind. While you'll likely hear your baby crying from within the house, a baby monitor allows you to check on them whenever you wish. Even better, you can check on them without disturbing them.

While you'll likely hear your baby crying, a monitor helps you fill in the gaps by observing your baby when they're not making noise.  

Final Thoughts

With high-definition video, remote viewing, temperature monitoring, and other features, it's easy to see why parents today rely on baby monitors more than ever before. Plus, they provide benefits immediately after the baby is born.

Now that you know the ten reasons why you should use a baby monitor from birth, you'll want to set up one in your baby's nursery today! It's a second pair of eyes and ears designed to help keep your baby comfortable, happy, and safe.